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The changing business environment more often than not forces many businesses to change. Over the past couple of years so much has changed in how we do business. Marketing automation has become a popular practice within the marketing function of businesses, something that has been stimulated by the advanced technology levels and the general human curiosity to try and do things differently. Businesses experience so many benefits from marketing automation. This article outlines some of these benefits.

Cutting down of staff costs. A single employee is able to do the same amount of work using a marketing automation software that 50 people in another firm marketing manually can do. Cost reduction is a major strategy for many businesses who are aiming at increasing profits. After a few months of using automated marketing software, you may get to a point of sending out thousands of personalized emails every single day on autopilot.

Enhances workers creativity. In firms where manual marketing is done employees spend the whole day or a considerable amount of their working time in sending out marketing emails. Marketing employees have enough time to think of creative ways of marketing, when they use automated system for their work. The use of automated system not only increases effectiveness and efficiency of the marketing employee but it also served to improve their general happiness and satisfaction in their work.

Accountability is improved by using automated marketing software, because marketers are able to trace where they can improve by evaluating their shortcomings. This is done by careful analysis of their marketing leads to see how many of them are converted to actual sales. The automated marketing software provides feedback that is not biased and also that is timely to enhance improvement. the system of feedback ensures that company politics has no space and also tough conversations are and handled.

Increased revenues, one of the major objectives of businesses is to increase revenues. This objective is the driving factor of goal formulation, marketing and strategizing within an organization. Automation allows customer follow-ups to happen, something that is likely to increase customer lifetime value. Automation serves to bring new customers to the firm and also retain the old ones. Automation Is an important step for an organization that is looking to increase their return on investment from their marketing activities.

Better customer targeting. Using of marketing software allows an organization to utilize both online and offline platforms to reach their customers. Marketers are able to judge which platforms to use in reaching their customers buy a careful analysis of their journey. The customer’s journey analysis also enables the marketer to see where they are falling short in terms of their marketing leads and therefore make improvements.

Overall, it is important that organizations adopt marketing automation, as this will give them a competitive advantage, and also enable them to survive the different changes taking place in the market.

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