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What Qualifies Someone To Become Miss India.

Becoming a celebrity is the best feeling ever, as this is a title that anyone would wish for and feel good about it. If you are planning to become a Miss something then you must understand that there are traits for one to qualify for that title and must be looked. We all love fame as fame comes with a whole package of goodies and prosperity as long as you know how to dance with the opportunities. Celebrities are big people who earn a lot of money that’s why when they are on top there they do feel superior and very big people.

Becoming Miss India also needs a lot of qualifications as this is not a small title and most Indian women have failed to fit in this title just because of their features, very absurd. Miss India is the best job any Indian girl would wish for that’s why many Indians have tried to apply for this job only to fail from their features. The first thing to be considered is the age of the woman, this should be from 18-25 years of which many tend not to know about this thinking that they are suitable from any age. Younger girls are believed to be stronger and very flexible, of which this are what this title needs. Another thing to consider is the height of which this should be 5’5” as this is the standard height for people to qualify for the position Miss India. Becoming Miss India is a blessing and a huge move however the height should be 5’5” and beyond as this is above average and that is how it is supposed to be.

This is because the title is so demanding of which doesn’t need any destruction from the other partner. Like we all know marriage is a full-time job with so many demands and so do relationships of which there tend to be inconveniences when the woman is working. If you have been dreaming of becoming Miss India then you better be single and un engaged this is vital as those are among the qualities to become one. Another factor that qualifies someone to become a Miss Indian is the Indian passport; this means that the woman should be a citizen of India. The Identity card should read the Indian Citizen of which this should be genuine and legal that way she will be qualified to be a Miss India. For those beyond age 25 they stand a chance t participate on the runner up position meaning from age 26 to age 27.

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